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A Quick Guide to Fence Installation

setting up a fence illustration

Building fence at the lawn provides us with privacy and security. But there many factors to consider. We must think if the fence model fits with the design of the house. From the functional perspective, we should also examine if the fence type can prevent local animals from entering the proximity of our home. The fencing system must accommodate our needs and fits with the environmental condition.

Evaluating the Fencing Purpose

As written above, we build fences for many purposes. But we can wrap them into two factors: aesthetic and functional. The ideal model must fulfill both factors to some degree or another.

People build a fence for several reasons. And here are the common ones:

Having a Swimming Pool

Having a fence can be compulsory if you build a swimming pool at your home. In most places, the fence must be at least four feet high and surrounding the whole house.

Having a History of Wild Animals Intrusion

fence with tight gaps to prevent wild animalsIn areas where bears live close to humans, house fence protects the residents against bear’s attack. It can be brutal and fatal so it would be better to keep the bears away from the house rather than dealing with it.

The same thinking applies when you live in an area close to wilderness. Proper fencing with only small gaps in between can prevent raccoons, stray dogs, and deer from entering the lawn. You may think that a deer is not going to be trouble because they seem like a tame animal. But in reality, when male deer are in mating season, they can be quite aggressive.

Living in a Vulnerable Neighborhood

Not all people have the privilege of security. Some of us must live in a bad neighborhood with a high rate of crimes. In that case, building a fence can be a matter of life and death.

Keeping the House’s Value High

Another reason why you should consider building a fence is that no one likes to feel vulnerable. The property market provides the data that show houses with fencing are worthier than the others without it.

Thinking of the Environmental Threats

woodBefore we discuss the aesthetics of fencing, we should know a little about which materials suit which environment. The fence is supposed to protect us from external threats. Therefore, it has to be robust and durable.

Cedar Fence

Cedar is a type of wood that can withstand decay and harsh weather for a long time. They also give a solid look to the backyard, hence the nickname of cedar as “the king of the backyard.”

But if you decide to have a cedar fence for its woody look and vintage persona, you must build in on top of a concrete slab. Otherwise, the lower parts of the cedar fence will rot and degrade quickly.

Composite Fence

Composite is made of wood fiber and polymers. They are light, sturdy, and weather resistant. But because of their light nature, they are weak to resist massive force. In case of bear attacks or if you live near a highway, you may want to consider another material that has more mass and break-resistant.

A composite fence also needs the least maintenance compared to the other materials. It can be your perfect fence if you live in a neighborhood with no threats of vehicle accidents or wild animal attacks.

Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron provides maximum security because they are difficult to break. And to increases the protection against massive force, you can build the iron fence on top of a concrete structure.

The drawbacks of a wrought iron fence are that it needs regular sanding and repainting to keep the appearance. And you should schedule that maintenance for at least once in every two years.

Consider Hiring a Contractor

sturdy iron fenceIf you ever think of building the fence on your own, you are welcome to try. But you must know that there are many obstacles in erecting a fence that can only be handled with professional methods and equipment. The examples of those hindrances are different soil elevation, obscure property lines, are noisy hinges/joints.

If you hire a contractor, you only need to sit and watch. They will handle Fence Installation, Privacy Fence, wood fences, fencing, and all other labors as you want it. Also, some contractors know the best way to install dangerous fencing, such as an electrical or barbed-wire fence, which can be hazardous if you build it by yourself.

Therefore, if you have a budget, it is best to hire a fence contractor to deal with the fencing matter.