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Sell Your House Fast With These Home Staging Tips

The art of Home Staging has become enormously popular these days, despite the fact that it is nothing but a new term for something many people have been doing for decades. Simply put, home staging involves presenting your home in the best way possible, so as to sell it as fast as possible and at the best price.

Therefore, if you are currently planning to sell your house, make sure to keep in mind some important home staging tips. To help you out, we have rounded a few crucial ones.


exteriorOf course, start with the exterior of your house, as it is probably its most important feature. If potential buyers see a tidy, clean and attractive property once they arrive, the remainder of your home presentation will go much easier. However, if they see a disgusting, messy yard or house walls, you will have a very hard time convincing them to enter the home’s interior, so as to continue with the presentation. With this in mind, make sure your front yard and driveway are perfectly clean and in mint condition.

The backyard

If you impress the potential buyers with your front yard, they will definitely want to see your backyard, as well. Keep in mind that it can be very hard to transform an unsightly-looking backyard into a showpiece, especially right before the presentation. Therefore, make sure to regularly maintain your backyard, so as to avoid having to clean and reorganize it a few hours before the presentation.

The bathroom

Your bathroom is yet another high-profile area that all potential buyers will definitely want to investigate in great detail. If you let a buyer see an old, dilapidated bathroom, they will immediately start thinking about the thousands of dollars they will have to spend in order to renovate it. This is something you definitely want to avoid. On the other hand, if they are greeted with a fresh, airy and well-equipped bathroom, you will be much closer to making a sale. To add a special touch to your bathroom, make sure to arrange an open and airy design and use mild scents.

Remove personal items

If you have kids or grandkids, it is highly likely that your walls and cabinets are full of their photos, trophies, drawings etc. Before you let prospective buyers inside, make sure to remove all of them. Keep in mind that, while these hold great significance to you and your family, they don’t mean a thing to some complete strangers. When buyers examine your interiors, they want to imagine the walls and cabinets with the pictures of their own children, wives, husbands and other family members. By allowing them to do that, they will feel much more “drawn” to the house and willing to purchase it.living room

No clutter

Your living room and your bedroom/s must be free of any clutter, as well as feel open and spacious. Avoid closing off certain areas with sofas, couches, big chairs, etc. Make sure to make the most out of the available space. If it feels cluttered or jammed, a potential buyer will have a hard time imagining their own design and things in the house.

Remove religious items and symbols

Keep in mind that not all of us share the same religious or spiritual beliefs. While the majority of people don’t mind seeing these, there are some that might find them inappropriate or mildly offensive. To avoid any problems, remove all of them, or at least make them as inconspicuous as possible.