Why You Need a Grease Access Panel

kitchen with duct

For most of your kitchen operations, a grease duct access door is a must have. These units are mostly installed in commercial establishments, but they are also quite essential for huge kitchens. In most cases, a kitchen exhaust system has three main parts, the fan, hood, and the ductwork. The ductwork plays a vital role in the day-to-day running of the kitchen, which makes it susceptible to all manner of problems. Things can always worsen if you do not have an access panel in place.

The ductwork in the kitchen is mostly designed to run above the hood and through the ceiling. This means that it can be almost impossible to clean your ducts when there is no access door installed. Consequently, if you are unable to clean the duct, this could pose a severe risk to fire. That said, here are some reasons to install a grease access door into your ductwork.

Cost Effective

The primary cause of fires in commercial institutions is the kitchen. Some people prefer going for fabricated grease ducts. On the other hand, others opt for factory-fabricated grease ducts. Of the two options, factory-made ducts are known to be more effective and long-lasting. Thanks to the superior construction features, they help you save money and reduce the impacts on the environment.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Another significant benefit of grease access panels is that they are easy to install. Their modular design and no-weld design makes it easy to fit them into your ducts. Their design and construction features mean that you can clean, inspect, and repair an existing system with much ease.


Grease access doors give you the safety you need. The design and construction of factory-built access doors make them a lot safer. They are also subjected to multiple tests as a way of keeping the risks down or eliminating them. Grease access panels are known to reduce corrosion levels in the ducts and reduce grease deposition, which allows for optimal safety in the kitchen.big home kitchen

If you are shopping for a grease duct access panel, go for a unit that is reliable, safe, easy to install and maintain, and if possible, it should be aesthetically appealing. For the best grease duct access doors, you can never go wrong by working with a trusted and reputable partner. It is imperative to do due diligence on your part to ensure you buy the right products.…