Different Types of Access Doors

access door

Access doors and panels are the most secure way people use to store confidential kinds of stuff and other various purposes in both residential and commercial. These access doors and panels are either installed on the walls or ceiling depending on the preference of the user and the architecture of the building. These doors and panels are attractive, economical and their design achieves easy installation, a good example is the flush access panel.

When you are at the market, you need to understand that there are multiple options of the access doors and panels. Different types of access doors and panels have different unique features that enable them to work most conveniently depending on their purpose. The following are the common types of access doors and panels.

General-Purpose Access Doors

ceilingJust as the name suggests, the general-purpose access doors are used to serve general but significant purposes. These types of access doors are suitable for both outdoor and indoor depending on the purpose they serve. The general-purpose access doors can be installed on the ceiling or in the walls with the dimensions that cannot interfere with the surface in which they are installed.

Unless you want to conceal high-security items or accommodate specific fire codes, the general-purpose access doors can be the best option used for any other purpose. The structure of the general-purpose door include removable doors that increase the space, temperature controlled doors, but they do not meet the safety regulations that relate to fire risks.

Fire Rated Access Doors

These access doors are designed to meet the required standards of fire safety. The fire rated access doors are fixed in an opening in the walls or the ceilings that can create any additional risks in cases of a fire breakout.

These type of access doors have a design of airtight and fully sealed to prevent the transference of heat, smoke, and flames on the surfaces of the building. The materials used to design these access doors include the smoke proof gasket and the thick galvanized steel, which help the fire-rated doors to accomplish this significant task.

Drywall Access Doors

The drywall access doors are important in accessing the hollow skeletons that are left by the wood or steel framing that is used in building most residential and commercial walls.

These access doors make it easy for the constructor to install new plumbing and electrical elements in the walls without necessarily leaving the spaces vulnerable to heat gain and other outdoor elements. The drywall access doors are also ideal because they maintain the original appearance of the surface with the paint finishes.

Plaster Bead Access Doors

security access doorThis type of access doors is used when the wall of the building is made of plaster instead of the drywall. With the plaster bead access doors, you can easily make fixes in your wall without interfering with the plaster surface.

The installation of plaster bead access door is different, as you need a strong frame to avoid chipping and to ensure it accommodates extra plaster around it.…